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The Sultan's Wife, by Jane Johnson - now available in paperbackThe Sultan’s Wife

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1677, Morocco. Behind the magnificent walls and towering arches of the Palace of Meknes, captive chieftain’s son and now a lowly scribe, Nus-Nus is framed for murder.

As he attempts to evade punishment for the bloody crime, Nus-Nus finds himself trapped in a vicious plot, caught between the three most powerful figures in the court.

From the danger and majesty of Meknes to the stinking streets of London and the decadent court of Charles II, The Sultan’s Wife brings to life some of the most remarkable characters of history through a captivating tale of intrigue, loyalty and desire.

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The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson - UK paperbackThe Salt Road

My previous Moroccan novels are The Tenth Gift (originally published in hardback as Crossed Bones), the tale of young Catherine Tregenna abducted by Barbary pirates from the Cornish coast in 1625 and sold into the slave trade in Morocco (based on a little-known chapter of English history); and The Salt Road, an epic adventure of the heart set in the Sahara, in which Isabelle is drawn into the desert by a mysterious silver amulet left to her in her father’s will.

If you’re interested in my inspiration for these novels do have a look at the photo galleries on the photos page of the site. And then do feel free to contact me: I love to hear from readers and promise to respond as quickly as I can.

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